Gallery 44 was founded in 1979 by a small group of artists in need of production facilities who joined together to share darkroom and studio space. Forming a collective was an important step in making facilities affordable and in creating a supportive community of artists with common goals. In 1980, the collective began mounting exhibitions and in 1981, began offering photography workshops.

Gallery 44 moved from its original location on Niagara Street to Bathurst Street in 1986, where both the production and exhibition facilities were expanded to serve a growing membership. Due to a severe lack of photographic education in elementary and secondary schools, Gallery 44 began its Education in the Schools program in 1987.

In 1994, Gallery 44 moved to 401 Richmond St. W. to improve the centre's exhibition and production facilities and to widen its audience through a more centralized location. Moving to 401 Richmond was an extremely important new direction for Gallery 44, as the building houses a thriving community of artist-run centres, arts-based organizations, and artist studios. Sharing the building has fostered exchange, both in terms of resources and audience/event participation. 

Gallery 44 now supports over 400 artist members through affordable access to analogue and digital facilities and various professional development opportunities. Today, Gallery 44 serves an important role in supporting: emerging artists through programs such as Proof, OUTREACH and CameraLinks; Canadian and international artists through dynamic exhibitions, residencies and accessible public programs; and writers in every stage of their careers through our vital publishing program.    

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