Sunday, September 24, 2017,
10:00AM to 5:00PM
$ 200.00 CAD
$ 180.00 CAD

In this 4x5 ambrotype workshop, participants will go back in time and photograph using 4x5” glass plates!

Participants will make their own film by coating a 4x5 inch glass plate with working collodion, sensitizing it in a solution of silver nitrate, and then exposing it in a 4x5 view camera while still wet. They will then develop, fix, wash and finally varnish the plate.

Participants will leave this unique historical photography workshop with a better understanding of the ambrotype (wet plate collodion) process and the confidence to create their own.

All materials are included in the workshop fee.


Phillip Chin is an Canadian editorial photographer who specialized in portrait photography. He has a deep passion for analog processes: specifically wetplate photography and 8x10 Impossible Film. Phillip shares his passion by teaching both analog processes in workshops across Canada. He was recently nominated for the 39th Annual National Magazine Awards for one of his wetplate images.