Luther Konadu

Luther Konadu is a writer and artist of Ghanaian descent based in Winnipeg Manitoba. He is a content creator for the online publication Public Parking. A project for highlighting the working practices of emerging creators and thinkers. He is also a writing contributor for Akimbo. His studio labour is project-based and realized through photographic print media and painting processes. He is interested in how the legacies of those mediums continue to shape prevailing perceptions of group identities. He uses his work to reinterpret those image-making mediums. Konadu lives and works on Treaty One Territory, the stolen lands of the Anishinaabe, Métis, Cree, Dakota and Oji-Cree Nations.

On Glass, part three: some demands of influence

Not a physical approximation to the object as in sitting, leaning, or standing on glass nor the subject therein but rather, and more specifically, under the influence of its silent, nonreflective, invisible deception. Like inhaling a day late           traveling breeze, it makes no difference because you already exhaled it.

On Glass, part two: brief adventures in the direction of materiality

Instead of finishing this script about a dramedy on the materiality of glass, I distract myself by watching an online video of an unsuspecting someone walking into a glass-walled swimming pool enclosure.

Nothing to be exact

If photography presents us merely with the surface of things, can we absolve it not from its indexicality but rather break the umbilical relationship it has with exteriority in order to achieve something autonomous from the armature of a pulsing reality? 


Exactly Nothing

It’s a photo of Booker mid-set at what looks like an outdoor concert. “I keep going back to it because somehow each time it reassures,” he tells me.

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