Curatorial Walkthrough: A Few Howls Again

Silvia Kolbowski, After Hiroshima Mon Amour (still), 2008, video/16 mm black-and-white film, sound, 22 minutes 14 seconds.

Curatorial Walkthrough: A Few Howls Again

March 21,
2:00PM to 3:30PM

Join us for a curatorial walkthrough of Silvia Kolbowski’s solo exhibition A Few Howls Again. Kolbowski’s video, collage and installation works address and collapse historical figures and events. The exhibition at Gallery 44 includes: Like a Clap of Thunder (2015), which reimagines the murder of Marxist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg; After Hiroshima Mon Amour (2008), which overlays the invasion of Iraq and devastation of Hurricane Katrina; That Monster: An Allegory (2019), which imagines the contemporary global rise of fascism through the lens of Frankenstein, and Missing Asher (2017-2019), which addresses the exhibition history of one of Kolbowski’s site-specific works. This exhibition also includes a restaging of an installation the artist created in 1990: Enlarged from the Catalogue.  

Curated by Jared Quinton, Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe and Magdalyn Asimakis  

*Due to growing concern regarding COVID-19, and based on the caution being advised by Health Authorities, the March 21 curatorial tour is postponed until further notice.