A Judicial Perspective

Emmanuelle Léonard, Noyade, Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, Laval from the series Une sale affaire, 122 x 92 cm colour inkjet print, 2007

Emmanuelle Léonard, #11 from the series Homicide, détenu vs détenu, Archives du Palais de Justice de la Ville de Québec, 37 x 33 cm black and white inkjet print, 2009

Emmanuelle Léonard, A Judicial Perspective, Installation view at Gallery 44

Emmanuelle Léonard, A Judicial Perspective, Installation view at Gallery 44

A Judicial Perspective

Friday, September 9, 2011 to Saturday, October 8, 2011
Opening Reception:
September 17,
2:00PM to 5:00PM
About the Exhibition: 

Emmanuelle Léonard: A Judicial Perspective
Survey of photo and video works by Emmanuelle Léonard curated by Gaelle Morel 

With a conceptual approach, Emmanuelle Léonard questions the strategies of documentary photography. Each project echoes in a contemporary way the forensic uses of the medium in the history of photography.

Une sale affaire is determined by the reappropriation of the visual codes used by the police after incidents, but the photographs are emptied of any dramatic effect.

In Les Citoyens, she focuses on policemen during a protest. These quiet portraits contrast with the violence usually attributed to men keeping order.

In 2010, Léonard selected archival photographs taken by a policeman during a murder investigation. By reproducing the images without any modification, she highlights the systematic nature and the neutral aesthetic of the archive.

In her video installation Guardia, Resguárdeme, Léonard walks toward police officers and security guards in the streets of Mexico with the lens of a surveillance camera hidden in her hat.

– Gaëlle Morel 

Watch Emmanuelle's Arist Talk: 

A Judicial Perspective: Artist Talk with Emmanuelle Léonard & curator Gaëlle Morel - Sept 17, 2011

Artist Biography: 

Emmanuelle Léonard graduated from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and collective shows: Musée d'art Contemporain de Montréal, Kunsthaus Dresden and Neuer Berliner Kuntsverein (Germany), Optica, Clark, Espace VOX and Le Mois de la Photo (Montréal), Mercer Union (Toronto), Glassbox (Paris), Centre VU and L'oeil de poisson (Quebec City). In 2005, she was the recipient of the Pierre-Ayot Award. She is represented by the Donald Browne Gallery in Montréal. 


Gaëlle Morel is Curator at the Ryerson Gallery and Research Centre (Toronto). She received her PhD in the history of contemporary photography from Université Panthéon-Sorbonne, and she is a member of the editorial committee of the bilingual refereed journal Étudesphotographiques. Morel was the guest curator of the Mois de la Photo in Montreal in 2009 (The Spaces of the Image) and she has written essays that have appeared in a number of magazines and books.