Sheepskin Ballads and Gentleness Hymns

Erin Whittier, Gentleness Hymn (this work is a love song), 2019.

Sheepskin Ballads and Gentleness Hymns

Friday, September 13, 2019 to Saturday, October 26, 2019
Opening Reception
September 13,
6:00PM to 8:00PM
About the Exhibition: 

Sheepskin Ballads and Gentleness Hymns is an installation comprised of a long poem, found objects, handmade sculptures, and photographs. Like a flame flickering from a lantern, it is a small, illuminated, wandering eye in the dark confusion of our times. Guided by farming, backwoods, and rambler cultures as beacons of autonomous community prosperity, this work focuses on the mysterious magic and holy potency of nature and living amidst it.

Artist Biography: 

With a drifting art practice meandering the woods and hills of so-called “Canada” and Turtle Island, I am a lens-based artist working with the land, poetic text, and performance. My practice is informed through phenomenology, mindfulness, rewilding and green anarchism, decolonial and intersectional politics, fears of the anthropocene, and the deeply spiritual feeling of one’s hands heavily caked with dirt. A recent graduate from Ryerson University (Toronto, CAN) in Visual Art Photography, I have participated in artist residencies across Turtle Island including Mexico, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

My practice explores the interconnectedness of all things - stones, cows, rivers, my own flesh, the flesh of a peach - using slowness and empathy to actively listen, to begin to hear the world speaking back. When we turn to slowness, the world starts to unravel in front of our eyes, our fingertips - I am no longer interested in the blind turbulence of capitalist society, a flaming trajectory to nowhere - for it is all here, in the moment of the now, that we are living! I believe in active participation, slow engagement with the world, and the autonomy of the self and the community; I strive to encourage others to start doing the same, by open discussion and non- hierarchical skill-sharing.