Erin Whittier

With a drifting art practice, meandering the woods and hills of so-called “Canada” and Turtle Island, Whittier is a lens-based artist focusing on their relationship to land, through still and video imagery, poetic text, and performance. Their practice is rooted in phenomenology, mindfulness, rewilding and green anarchism, and is inspired by decolonial and intersectional political justice. No longer rapt in the blind turbulence of capitalist society, Whittier’s work is driven by active participation and slow engagement with the world. the spiritual feeling of hands caked with dirt, and the autonomy of the self and community. A recent graduate from Ryerson University (Toronto, CAN) in Visual Art Photography, they have participated in shows and artist residencies internationally, including New Zealand, Mexico, Ontario British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

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