Merlin Boissonneault

Merlin Boissonneault

Merlin loves Oreo™ ice cream, Hip-Hop & Punk music and analog film cameras. He is inspired by the works of Jason Lee and his obsession with instant film and has had to opportunity to workshop with Mr. Lee. His passion for Instant Film extends into travelling to photographic events such as PolaCon to meet with other Instant Film fanatics.

Merlin has acquired a virtual museum's worth of outdated film camera technology with which he uses to capture his distinct urban images. Reflecting a sense of lost space and also offering a nod to the persistence of modern technology, Merlin's photography juxtaposes these scenes in a new context, surprising viewers of the artistic value of the everyday. He has released a book capturing places in threat of gentrification and is expanding on the project to bring light to the erosion of community in our modern time.

March 21, 12:00PM

Experience the magic of Instant Photography with Merlin, a collector of Instant film cameras from Fuji and Polaroid utilizing different formats of this semi-extinct technology. A plethora

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