Toni Hafkenscheid

Toni Hafkenscheid

Toni Hafkenscheid is a Toronto based photographer who was born in 1959 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 1989, he graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and shortly thereafter moved to Toronto. During the following six years, he was active in the arts community in Toronto and received several Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council awards. In 1996, Toni moved back to the Netherlands to pursue a career as a commercial photographer and to teach photography at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

In 2002, Toni returned to Toronto, Canada. He is currently teaching at OCAD and Ryerson University. Toni’s work is represented in Canada by the Birch Liberato Gallery in Toronto, Skew Gallery in Calgary and Gallery Jones in Vancouver. He is also represented in the US by Packer Schopf in Chicago; George Billis Gallery in LA, and NY; as well as Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Canada, the U.S., Japan and Europe.

His works reside in a number of important collections, including the Canadian Museum for Contemporary Photography (Ottawa), Foreign Affairs Canada, the University of Toronto, the Canada Council Art bank, The Royal Bank Canada, the Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Art (Buffalo, NY), and Kodak France and Kodak Netherlands and Various Private Collections.

February 10, 6:00PM

This workshop is for artists who want to exhibit or sell their work, or who simply want to create a lasting record of their work for their websites or archives.

March 30, 10:00AM

In this full-day intensive, instructor Toni Hafkenscheid will teach the ins and outs of studio lighting, with a focus on portraiture, followed by post-processing.  Participants will take a han

November 27, 6:00PM

This course is geared towards participants with a strong knowledge of the Photoshop basics, as taught in Digital

October 30, 6:00PM

In this 3-hour intensive, Toni Hafkenscheid will walk participants through a comprehensive digital workflow from RAW to final image in Photoshop.

June 1, 6:00PM
This workshop will explore advanced scanning techniques using the Imacon and Epson V700 scanners.
May 15, 10:00AM

Utilizing the studio space in Gallery 44’s production studio, artist, educator and photographer, Toni Hafkensheid will lead participants on an adventure in lighting.

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