Become a Member

Become a Member

Step 1

Complete our membership questionnaire.  We will contact you as soon as we can with the date of our next New Members Orientation.

Step 2

The New Members Orientation is facilitated by members of Gallery 44 and is a meeting to introduce you to Gallery 44’s facilities and operations. Potential members are asked to bring a small portfolio of prints of their most recent work. Your work is not being judged for its artistic merit, however your intent for becoming a member must be to pursue artistic production.

Step 3

After the introductory meeting, you will be contacted to come in and sign a membership agreement, pay fees, and you will then have access to Membership Benefits and orientations on the use of the facilities and equipment.


Membership Questionnaire


Day and Full Members must meet all of the following criteria: 

1) Technical Proficiency

Members are expected to be technically proficient in photography.  To use the production facilities, members must be sufficiently skilled.  In the case of the darkrooms, those without the experience to function independently in a darkroom geared to production of archival prints, must enroll in a printing workshop at Gallery 44 before gaining access.

2) Equipment Rental Orientations

The members need to attend the necessary orientations required to rent all equipment and understand the procedures and responsibilities that are involved with working with said equipment.

3) Artistic Production

In keeping with our mandate, Gallery 44 keeps its production facilities and equipment rental fees affordable to support artists. Our facilities are to be used for artistic projects only. The facilities are not to be used for commercial production. As our mandate is to encourage and support artistic growth, we expect our members to be using Gallery 44’s facilities to advance their artistic development. Although Gallery 44 does not employ aesthetic judgment as part of its review process for membership, we expect that our members are using the facilities to develop one or more of the following artistic goals:

  • The member intends to present their work to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, or by other means appropriate to his/her work.
  • The member intends to devote a reasonable portion of their time as an artist to promoting or marketing  their work.
4) Collective Spirit

As an artist-run centre and membership-based collective, Gallery 44’s facilities and programs are run on the basis of collective decision making and cooperative behaviour. We expect that members become a part of the Gallery 44 membership with the collective spirit in mind. This means that members support the organization by:

  • Demonstrating cooperative behaviour with other members while using the production facilities.
  • Making a contribution to the Gallery by supporting fundraising activities and by giving volunteer time through committee work or other tasks. As part of the membership agreement, members are asked to commit a 3 volunteer hours per month on one or more of Gallery 44's committees, assisting in special events or other Gallery activities.
  • Attending the members’ Annual General Meeting to discuss issues of importance to the Gallery and voting to elect a new Board of Directors.
  • Attending Gallery 44 Exhibition Openings and other events.