Gallery 44 supports a thriving community of artists and supporters committed to contemporary photography. As an artist-run centre, Gallery 44’s activities are driven by the commitment and energy of its membership and artist-led Board of Directors and programming committees. Members play a crucial role in supporting our activities and advocating for our mission. 

Gallery 44’s membership program provides technical and conceptual support to artists in every stage of their careers. We work closely with our members to foster inclusive practices and to help promote many unique approaches to photography.


1. Becoming a member is not an instantaneous process. Gallery 44 is deeply committed to building a sustainable and supportive environment for the advancement of contemporary photographic practice. The process of becoming a member, which includes attending various orientations, is an important means by which we can realize this goal.  

2. As a small organization Gallery 44’s members are expected to use the facilities in an independent manner. Gallery 44 offers several supportive services to aid our members in their artistic development, including one-on-one workshops and portfolio reviews, which we encourage our members to attend.

3. Members form an important part of our community at Gallery 44. As such, we ask members to volunteer to assist with various activities and to attend openings, public programs and events. Becoming involved in different levels of the organization offers members an opportunity to help strengthen our organization and to be part of the larger artistic community of Toronto and beyond. 


Membership Options

Full Membership

$180 per year (plus building access card deposits)
This membership provides 24-hour access, seven days a week, to Gallery 44’s production facilities. Full members receive all community privileges as well as discounts on equipment rentals and framing orders.

Day Membership

$94 per year
This membership provides access to Gallery 44’s production facilities during Gallery 44’s office hours only, Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm. Day members receive all community privileges.

Student (Full Time) / Senior (65+) Discounts

$125 for Full membership or $63 for Day membership

Community Membership

$50 per year

This membership level is for artists, supporters, writers and curators who are interested in supporting Gallery 44, attending events and participating in members exhibitionss, but are not intending to use the facilities. Community members are encouraged to be involved in the organization, including volunteering serving on committees and on the Board of Directors. 


Community Benefits

Being a Full or Day Member of Gallery 44 gives you the following privileges:

  • Access to all of Gallery 44's production facilities and equipment
  • A variety of exhibition opportunities in the Members’ Gallery and Production Gallery
  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting and opportunity to run for a position on committees and the Board of Directors
  • Participation in Gallery 44's annual member's exhibition
  • Member exclusive events including portfolio reviews, trips and free workshops
  • Discounts on G44 workshops, and photo-related discounts at various retail outlets 
  • Members newsletter which includes updates on volunteer and programming opportunities, discounts and community news
  • Inclusion within a supportive community of artists 

Become a Member

Step 1

Complete our membership questionnaire.  We will contact you as soon as we can with the date of our next New Members Orientation.

Step 2

The New Members Orientation is run by members of Gallery 44 and will introduce you to Gallery 44’s facilities, programs and operations. Potential members are asked to bring a small portfolio of their most recent work to share with the group (Prints are preferred).

Step 3

After the introductory meeting, you can come in and sign a membership agreement and pay fees. You will then have access to all community benefits and can take orientations for darkroom, scanning and equipment rentals.


Membership Questionnaire



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For More Information Contact:

Darren Rigo, Head of Membership and Facilities