Membership Activities

Membership Activities

A variety of membership activities take place each month. Activites are often initiated by the membership and are constantly evolving. See below for ongoing membership programs. 

Printing Party Revival (or PPR) is a free analog printing social for members. Scheduled monthly, members are invited to bring in their old negatives and enjoy a night of printing and socializing with other members.

Gallery 44's Folio Forum, is a free, bi-monthly portfolio review group for members. This program provides members, both emerging and established, with the opportunity to discuss their work in a casual and supportive environment with members and a guest artist or curator from the Toronto arts community.

Gallery 44 organizes field trips for members to visit nearby arts destinations.

Sip n Crit is a free member-run event. Participants can drop in to show work that is in process and receive feedback from fellow G44 members as well as engage in discussions about each other's work.