Gallery 44 workshops provide unique opportunities for artists in all stages of their careers to learn, create, connect and be inspired. Sign up for weekday or weekend workshops, taught by national and international practicing artists, writers or curators with in-depth knowledge of the subjects they are teaching. Learn in small-group settings with others who share your love and passion for photography!

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September 21, 12:00PM

Often referred to as a solar photogram, lumen printing is a cameraless, experimental image-making technique that exposes black and white photographic papers to daylight.

September 22, 12:00PM

This workshop is part in-class lecture and part guided photo walk exploring vernacular architecture, signage and urban ephemera of the streets of Toronto.

September 28, 12:00PM

In this one-day workshop participants will learn technique and philosophy behind the use of medium format film with a focus on portraiture.

October 3, 5:00PM

This workshop will cover various options available to showcase, promote and sell your work online.

October 5, 10:00AM

This hands-on workshop is intended for photographers interested in working with a 35mm manual camera, processing their own film and enlarging their negatives.

October 8, 6:00PM

This workshop will guide participants through a particular approach to photography, in which the desire for true knowledge and first-hand experience have priority over the calculated plan

October 9, 6:00PM

Learn the ins and outs of G44’s Imacon 949 scanner: learn an in-depth practice of scanning film and adjusting them for later work in Photoshop.

October 29, 6:00PM

What happens to family photographs when the original owners lose them and once-private images come into public circulation?

November 2, 12:00PM

The Intermediate Black and White Workshop is designed for those with some basic darkroom experience looking to learn more advanced and archival techniques in the darkroom and further develop t

November 12, 6:00PM

Through an anecdotal artist talk this workshop discusses a selection of video pieces that demonstrate the range of ways that video can be shown.  This includes galleries, film festivals, onlin

November 16, 10:00AM
November 17, 12:00PM

Atelier en chambre noire: prise de vue, développement film noir et blanc et tirage sur papier argentique

November 20, 6:00PM

Working with feminist scholar Karen Barad’s notion that "theories are living and breathing reconfigurations of the world", this experimental workshop will be part reading group and part darkroom pl

November 23, 11:00AM

With the production of high-quality digital transparency film, it is now possible to make analog prints using the contact method or a 4x5 negative for enlarging.


"The workshop was very fun, I met like-minded photography enthusiast and I feel confident with printing and processing film." Darkroom Basics Workshop Attendee

"Great workshop! The history of using light (was) well covered, different techniques/schools and awesome intro to the equipment and techniques. Thanks!" Intro to Studio Lighting Workshop Attendee

"I loved the combination of an artist talk and critique, it gave us an opportunity to make connections to the theme, content and connecting to the larger context/framework to contemporary art. " Constructing Blackness Workshop Attendee

"great workshop to ease your mind and to look at your work from a new angle"  Unstuck Workshop Attendee

"Learning from an experienced photojournalist was extremely helpful and insightful as Kiana gave us a look into her process beyond technical details… advice that you wouldn’t hear elsewhere.” Long-term Documentary Photography Workshop Attendee

“This was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the physical materiality of photography!”​ - The Photobook as Art Object Workshop Attendee

"Robyn was friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I gained so much insight from this workshop that would have been really difficult to find on my own. Easily one of the most helpful workshops I’ve taken at G44.” - Gallery Practices for the Emerging Photographer Workshop Attendee