NEW! Collaging in Unity

NEW! Collaging in Unity

Wednesday, February 19, 2020,
6:00PM to 9:00PM
75.00 CAD
60.00 CAD

In this workshop, we will be working with Photoshop and Unity to integrate JPGS and PNGS into Unity to use as textures. The JPGs will be used in a variety of methods for 3D models and sky maps while the PNGs will be used as multi-layered individual images to give context to the designed space. Photoshop will be used to transform flat images into panoramic images. The final result will be a multi-layered environment that uses these images as textures for objects, sky maps and individual transparent layers. The layers will be used to collage several images in one environment. These images will ideally create a narrative or cohesive connection within the space of their choice.  

No previous knowledge is required, as the basis of material making in Unity 3D as well as the process of importing images for textures properly will be covered in depth. Participants are invited to bring their own images to the workshop and use them as subjects for the Unity environment.


Jawa El Khash is a multi disciplinary artist that primarily works with virtual reality, holography, and painting. Inspired by technology, nature and her own heritage, her work aims to build new relationships with cultural artifacts, plants, insects and architecture.  Her work deals with political and geographic displacement, immigrant culture, digitization, archives and 3D world-building. She utilizes technology as a media to re-structure the narrative of species such as plants, butterflies, the Arabic alphabet and destroyed ancient ruins.