Digital to Darkroom: Digital Negatives & Enlargements

Digital to Darkroom: Digital Negatives & Enlargements

Saturday, November 23, 2019,
11:00AM to 4:00PM
140.00 CAD
120.00 CAD

With the production of high quality digital transparency film, it is now possible to make analog prints using the contact method or a 4x5 negative for enlarging. Discover a whole new approach to analog printing and alternative processes, by adding the flexibility of digital editing. To create Digital Negatives, digital files from any source can be used; scanned negatives or prints & even iPhone photos can produce spectacular results. In this one-day intensive workshop, artist and analog printer Andre Laredo will guide participants through the process and technique of transforming digital files into digital negatives through a step-by-step process using Photoshop. Participants will then have the opportunity to print their negatives on the spot and relocate to the darkroom to experiment with contact printing or enlarging, through the conventional archival progression.

Participants must bring a laptop with Photoshop and several image files to work with.
*Basic Photoshop skills are important in the making of digital negatives.


Born 1956 in New York City, son of well-known documentary photographer, Victor Laredo, Andre was trained from childhood in the art of photography and printing. Member of the Rivington School NYC 1986 to 1989 and black and white department manager of The Darkroom Inc. NYC, Andre moved to Toronto in 1990 and founded D-Max Photographic Laboratories. Andre attended OCAD University, Toronto, earning a BFA, and became a leading exhibition printer over the next 2 decades. Printing credits for shows and collections include: Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum, Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Museum of the City of New York, Eastman House, Ryerson Image Center, The National Portrait Gallery (Washington D.C.), Howard Greenberg Gallery, Olga Korper Gallery, Library of Congress (Washington D.C.) and many more.