NEW! The book is always in dialogue

NEW! The book is always in dialogue

Wednesday, March 4, 2020,
6:00PM to 9:00PM
75.00 CAD
60.00 CAD

The book is always in dialogue
Where is the value of independent publishing? 

This workshop frames independent publishing as a site for discussion, experimentation, and conviviality. In the workshop, participants will address questions of engagement, distribution, and efficacy as they relate to independent publishing. We will focus on the unique position of independent publishers as they relate to broader arts communities and markets. The emphasis will be on understanding publishing practices as ongoing projects which foster community, that work with specificity and intention, and that facilitate solidarity and knowledge-sharing.

The first hour of the workshop will be a presentation on independent publishing, looking first at its historical roots, and then turning to contemporary practices. The second hour will involve a discussion of various approaches to operating a publishing imprint (where to print things/how to bind things/what doing a book fair is like, etc.). In the third hour, participants will work together to produce a collaborative publication.

This workshop is suitable for all those with an interest in independent publishing. Participants are requested to bring a handful of small (8” x 10” or less) prints and/or printed pieces of writing, which we will use to produce an unbound publication.