A Somatic Seeing

“To name ourselves rather than be named we must first see ourselves,” wrote Lorraine O’grady. She wanted to find a different way of looking, a way of looking that would allow us, for example, to see the Black maid in Manet’s painting Olympia.

For the past several years, I’ve been thinking a lot about Black Canadian art in all its complicatedness. As something that has not been named, and that needs to be seen. When I write, and when I think, I'm learning how to look. Actually, I often feel like I’m repairing the very ways in which I perceive. This summer, as I read through Dionne Brand’s novel Theory, I’ve considered new approaches to this repairing.

November 27, 6:00PM

This course is geared towards participants with a strong knowledge of the Photoshop basics, as taught in Digital

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